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I’m a conceptual multidisciplinary artist, based in Berlin with a special interest in performative practices. Currently I’m trying to explore the notion of the “magic if”, a term that comes from actor’s training and refers to placing yourself in the character’s situation asking yourself “how would I react if I were in this situation?” With this thought in mind, I want to explore the existence of alternate realities. This interest stems from my socio-political background of growing up in a post-communist country. I was the first generation after the fall of the communist regime that had the ambivalent luxury of spending a lot of time watching TV, an amenity my parents didn’t have at all when they were my age. The TV was my personal fantasy bubble but the reality I was experiencing was very different from that TV-world. The reality of a city where the traces of the country’s past can still be seen and felt everywhere you go. Some of the realities I’m exploring deal with socio-political conditions, memories and traces of the past that are still visible and felt.

Growing up in an environment where the past was so dramatically present, I always felt somewhat torn between two realities. When past and present are existing at the same time you have to learn how to deal with this permanent state of duality. Kind of like a continuous state of hybridisation. Therefore, time has become an important aspect of my artistic research. I explore the past by using my own memories, influences from communist architecture or surface textures. The present is everything that is here and now, that affects and influences me at this very moment. In my work I want to explore different types of hybridisation by using a variety of materials and concepts. I use abstract painting, durational performance, sculpture and other mediums to visualize my ideas. My practice evolves constantly and is ever changing depending on my current situation.

In some of the projects, I also explore using astronomically big numbers, mathematical formulas, or infographic visualisation.  I’m interested in how these numbers are connected to reality and how the overflow of data can create the feeling of being overwhelmed by a utopian world dominated by numbers.


performance art






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