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Concept by Ximena and Shige from Leimay Company, NY

Performed at the Watermill Summer Program GALA 'Tabula Rasa' NY. Correspondences is a 2 hours long durational and endurance performance presented in a slow paced movement score on a loop, while being inside a plexiglas box, with sand covering 1/3 of the box.

The concept of the performance is a metaphor for life and nature, the struggle of growing and succeeding. Through constant movements, the artist would try to get up and stand tall, while every three minutes powerful air would pump from the bottom of the box, pushing sand up and so making any movement harder to achieve.

This performance requires energy and mental strength to fight against the fear of chocking or running out of air, making a parallel with life and everyday fears.

* The other performers in the piece are Alessandro Anglani, Krystel Copper, Thanos Fridas, Suhwa Kim and Dognier Nini.

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