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Concept by Lone Twin Company, UK

Ghost Dance is a 6 hours long durational and endurance performance staged at Attenborough Centre for the Creative Arts - Sussex University, 2018. This is a shorter version of the 12 hours long performance made by Lone Twin.

The idea of  “ Ghost Dance”  is to have two artists dressed as cowboys, blindfolded throughout the entire performance, while repeating a 50 second cowboy inspired movement score, on a loop.  The aim is to

synchronise movements by relying on all sense other than vision. There is no practice before execution,

because it is important for the artists to allow any kind of emotion to come naturally.

Lone Twin doesn't usually allow other performers to do their piece, but we were lucky to have the privilege to perform and experience it.

* The other performer in the piece is Stefan Chanyaem.

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