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'Fake' is a conceptual painting made as an experimental piece for an ongoing project. The original concept involves a 3 year long project, divided into

three stages, finishing at the end of 2022.

This painting comes as a teaser for the original concept, illustrating to an extent the end result, at a much smaller scale. As a small hint, each column represents 1 day.


If you want to find out more about the concept behind the original piece of work or if you are interested

in buying " Fake",  drop me a line. 


Glicee print on fine art Elegance Velvet paper, 310gsm, 100% cotton and water resistant. This type of paper is archival/museum certified graded paper, lasting 100+ years. 


Dimensions for it are 80cm x 100cm + 2.5cm additional margins.

The price for each print is 150 euros, shipping worldwide included in the price, but not the taxes. It doesn't come framed.

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